• System Architecture & Design
  • IT Security solutions
  • Email & Messaging solutions
  • Data Management
  • Wireless & Remote Networking
  • Software firewall & proxy servers
  • Virtual Appliances


Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & Annual Service Contract (ASC)
  • AMC – We undertake comprehensive warranty for all the hardware components of your home PC and provide free replacement of all failed components within the contact period.
  • ASC – We also provide Service level warranty for Laptops and Desktops. The actual cost of the failed hardware component be paid by the customer while the procurement and service will be covered during the contract period.
Data Backup and Restore
  • Secure your precious data using iChip’s online backup and restore solution. Your data will be encrypted and stored on a robust storage server and available for restore at the click of a button
Laptop & Desktop Imaging Solution
  • Recover your laptop or desktop back to the state before a major hard-disk crash! Preserve your operating system, applications and settings and save hours of restoration time!
Anti-Virus Solutions
  • We provide the right Antivirus product to secure your PC from virus and mal-wares based on your system configuration and budget. Choose from all major Antivirus products including McAfee, Kaspersky, Symantec etc.
Remote PC Support
  • Using remote control software, we can resolve most of your problems without having the need to travel! Broadband Internet connectivity is a must to avail this support!
Hardware Repairing and servicing
  • Installation and troubleshooting of all computer components and accessories on a Per Call basis is provided at a nominal charge of Rs. 250.
Wireless Networking
  • Recommendation, Installation and configuration of wireless networking at home using standard supported products
Data Recovery Solutions
  • Do you have critical data on your hard-disk that just crashed?!!! We can provide data recovery assistance to get your precious data back using a unique methodology and software!


Apart from all the services offered to the Home users, we offer the following additional services for Home office and SMEs.

System Architecture & Design
  • Architecture, Design and implementation of windows, unix or MAC based systems including single sign-on, internet connectivity, storage access, network printing etc.
LAN / WAN design & architecture
  • Design of wired, wireless LAN, Wide Area network, internet access using industry standard hard-ware and software components.
IT Security consultancy and implementation
  • Local Area Network and Internet security using firewalls, virus walls and intrusion prevention systems.
  • Data and application access control definition and implementation
  • Password policy definition and implementation
Remote connectivity solution
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) for home access and B2B setup using hardware based or software based solution.
Configuration Management
  • Analysis, design and implementation of software configuration management solution using Open Source products that can integrate seamlessly across windows, unix or mac based systems.
  • Design and implementation of Virtualization technologies using open source or commercial products – VMWARE, XEN, KVM, QEMU, VIRTUALBOX
Email & Messaging solution
  • Secure email solution for windows, unix and mac based systems using open source enterprise grade products
Server & Desktop backup solution
  • Enterprise grade Virtual Tape Backup for your servers and desktops including data encryption and compression