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HR Consultancy

iChip Systems is a competent search firm with extensive knowledge of recruiting in technology driven industries. We deliver a competitive advantage to our business partners by locating and attracting key professionals. We provide Recruitment Process Services, HR Consultants and IT Staffing Solutions.

iChip Systems is headquartered in Bangalore and carries out searches throughout the country. We use a proven Search model focused on an exhaustive process of research, developing candidates, profiling them for a match with our clients’ needs and negotiating a successful placement. Throughout our history, we've developed ongoing relationships with our clients and contacts in the IT and Non-IT field to quickly and confidently locate the talent you require.

We deliver results that others cannot because of our small size and detailed knowledge of recruiting in technology driven industry.

Our HR Assessment Process:

Requirement Analysis: We start with a clear understanding of client’s needs for the position sought and then do an internal assessment of the avenues to be tapped to shortlist potential candidates. This also involves a briefing by the technical expert to the recruiters and a level setting exercise of the profile.

Technical Evaluation: iChip Systems has in place recruiters / associates with strong technical expertise as well as experience in related software fields who would be able to provide value to the organization by providing the basic / first level feedback on candidates technical strength and know-how. Detailed mapping can also be undertaken on an ‘as-and-when’ requirement basis depending on client’s needs and profile sought.

HR Evaluation: We do a general attitude and expectation evaluation of the candidates who have come through the technical round based on certain fixed parameters and use them as pre-qualification filter before presenting candidates for interview.

Some of the guiding parameters on which we base our assessment are:

  • Identification of fakes (experience, qualification indicated thro’ cross check in social media, referencing with our contacts in industry etc)
  • To assess inclination, interest & aptitude for the role / assignment / position / culture fit of project environment and alignment to organizational needs.
  • To assess stability of candidate vis-à-vis organizations changing requirements.

Value Proposition:

Value Proposition