• System Architecture & Design
  • IT Security solutions
  • Email & Messaging solutions
  • Data Management
  • Wireless & Remote Networking
  • Software firewall & proxy servers
  • Virtual Appliances


iChip Network Storage Box (NAS)
  • Consolidate all your data on a centralized storage that can be accessed seamlessly by all your desktops and laptops at home. Supports access from Windows, Unix or MAC systems.
  • You can choose a RAID option to protect your data from Hard-Disk crash! Failed disks can be replaced without affecting your data!
Computer Accessories
  • We have a wide spectrum of computer accessories to meet your unique needs. USB Hard-Disks, Flash Driver, TV Tuner card, Wireless cards, Blue Tooth Enablers, Routers, Switches, UPS, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitors etc.
Desktop Computers with comprehensive warrant
  • Industry grade computer components tested for robustness is used to build our iChip branded Desktop and comes with comprehensive service warranty. The configuration can be customized and priced to suit your need and budget.


High Availability Servers
  • Clustered systems to provide very high availability to your critical applications that can sustan a whole server crash or multiple disk crash
iChip NAS Box
  • Robust and high performance Network Attached Storage server with RAID configuration! Seamless access from Windows, Unix and MAC based systems
Software Firewalls & Proxy Servers
  • Open Source software firewall, web and socks proxy servers that deliver enterprise grade performance and stability
Virtual Appliances
  • Run unlimited guest OS on our affordable virtual appliance with pre-configured Virtual server software. Supports open source or commercial VM option